Each restaurant is a love story.

Our locations are an extension of the connection and respect for one another and the food we share.

Besito was founded by John Tunney after years of travel in Mexico. In 2006, when he opened his first location, he knew he was embarking on something special. Since then, Besito has thrived. Becoming the capstone of Mexican cuisine and developing a vibrant corporate culture known affectionately as "The Besito Way", we operate with a strong sense of purpose. We are driven by our guests. We empower our teams. We strive for greatness. We touch lives. Guests come to us to talk, connect and refresh; and in turn, we serve them in the gracious tradition of Mexican hospitality.

In 2014, Besito formed a partnership with industry leaders known for developing highly successful domestic and global brands. With our combined world-class business expertise and strong belief in the culture of cuisine, Besito offers unmatched opportunities for personal and financial growth as we bring our “little kiss” of Mexico to communities throughout North America.

We are driven first and foremost by our guests and our passion to give them a memorable experience. Respect for each other and our guests is the foundation of The Besito Way. In addition to this fervent drive, we operate Besito with three core values:

  • We respect each other’s place in the work environment and in the world.
  • We provide you with tangible tools to make a guest’s experience memorable.
  • We understand the impact that each and every team member has on our brand. Your voice and aspirations matter.
  • We are communicators. We acknowledge the speaker, use body language, eye contact and tone to send a message of understanding. We help each other perform our best through feedback, timely information and consistency.
  • We are present at Besito, giving our full time and attention to the experience by being prepared, solving problems quickly, using resources efficiently and doing the right thing.
  • We have anticipatory vision. We see what a guest may need or want before they can, making them feel special and appreciated.
  • We embody our passion for the Mexican culture by our enthusiasm and our intimate knowledge of our cuisine and beverages.
  • We are in the business of serving food, but more importantly we are in the business of human connection. All of our team members are charged with making someone’s day better every day.
  • We are kind to our guests and to each other. This notion of family, so vital in Mexican culture, is paramount in our communication with one another.
  • We feed 1,500 meals each week to school children in Mexico because of your passion and hard work.
  • We are inspired by and support our local communities and the work they do to enhance lives.

Our team members enjoy what they do, they like the people they work with and each day they have an opportunity to learn and grow. We look for individuals who are committed both in their personal and professional lives to empowerment, greatness and touching lives. We invite you to visit our career page and discover if Besito is the place for you.

We are prosperous, generous and kind and that radiates throughout our culture and into tangible benefits that team members can enjoy. Check out the details of your desired position to find out more!