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Besito Mexican

As a company, we deeply value our guests. We feel that paying gratitude forward is a fundamental part of our culture. It's easy to make a huge difference in the lives of over 4,000 school children today. In rural San Miguel de Allende, Mexico the roads are dusty and the school buildings sparse. Although some children make their way to these schools, they often struggle due to empty stomachs that can make learning difficult.

Working with Feed the Hungry San Miguel Besito is sponsoring a school kitchen. This sponsorship covers all fresh food for 1,500 meals every week throughout the school year as well as the cooks’ salaries, benefits, training, and awareness workshops. These kitchens employ local women and feed thousands of kinder and elementary students, often providing their only meal of the day.

As a company, we are dedicated to expressing our gratitude for your patronage by devoting resources to children in need in Mexico.